Nigerian Institute of Surveyors (Ogun state chapter) was created with the Nigerian surveyor in mind. Wildfire partnered with Myrtle Tech and MB Data to create a robust platform that solves the struggle of a Nigerian surveyor in the application for beacon numbers and getting them. This platform houses all stakeholders (Institution, Surveyors, and Clients) and enables them to engage and achieve a common goal.

The Challenge

Surveyors all over Nigeria had to travel in a bid to get their government body registration beacon numbers. This transit gap posed a communication  challenge between the government and surveyors.

What Wildfire Did

With a coordinated team effort, we were able to create a solution path for the challenge of communication. We designed a technology solution that now bridges the communication gap between the government and the surveyors. Surveyors no longer have to travel from all over the country to get their registration beacons and now do it from the comfort of their homes. 

Values Delivered

With a new technology solution, now transforms the vision of surveyors in Nigeria to creative results through the contribution of their regulatory bodies.

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